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        Case Documents

        There may be a time, even years later, that you need copies of your documents. For more information on location, cost, and procedure to request copies for each case type see below.

        Also, to assist you in searching for a case on the Orange County Superior Court website you may view the following video: How To Search A Case on OC Courts Website

        NOTE: Some case documents are destroyed after their retention period expires. To find out how long documents are kept, read File Retention Time Frames (L-1018).

        Availability of Court Reporters:

        Transcripts of Court Proceedings

        A transcript is a verbatim (meaning word for word) record of what was said during court proceedings, typically a hearing or trial. Depending on the case type, a court reporter or an electronic recording monitor may be used. For more information on the cost and how to order a transcript of your court proceedings, check the Court Reporter Services section of the court’s website.

        NOTE: Proceedings such as Small Claims, Limited Civil (disputes under $25,000.00), and Criminal and Traffic infraction and misdemeanor cases are usually not required to be reported, however there are exceptions. If you think your court hearing or trial was reported you may request a copy of the transcript.

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