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        Paying a Fine / Bail Refunds

        Click here for information about:

        • Paying your fine in person, by mail, or online
        • Forms of payment accept by the court
        • Bail refunds
        • Paying court ordered Public Defender fees
        • How a fine is calculated

        Contact the Collections Unit:

        • If you cannot pay the fine or comply with an order of the court by the due date
        • If you want to set up an installment payment plan
        • If your fine is delinquent

        Failure to Pay a Fine

        Failing to obey an order of the court, including paying your fine by the due date, may have serious consequences including:

        • Revocation of probation
        • Issuance of a warrant
        • Added charges
        • Jail or prison
        • Increase in fine owed
        • If applicable to the charge, a hold may be placed on your driver’s license by the Department of Motor Vehicles, resulting in the inability to renew your license and/or a suspension or revocation of your licensing privileges.
        • A civil penalty pursuant to Penal Code section 1214.1(a) for failure to pay a fine or fee. Each additional failure to appear can result in additional penalties for each non-appearance.
        • You may be subject to referral to a collection agency including wage/bank garnishments and levies.

        If you are unable to comply with a court order, contact your attorney or the court prior to the due date.

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