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        Criminal Defense Attorney Portal

        Announcement - Changes to Access CDAP

        Recent Court policy changes have facilitated a change in Criminal Defense Attorney Portal (CDAP) access, which are effective as of today. This change will impact all current registered users of CDAP, as well as new users who wish to register for CDAP access. CDAP will no longer require a paid subscription. CDAP will be free of charge.

        In order to comply with internal controls and best practices for technology solutions, the Court will be requiring all CDAP users to create a User Profile by newly registering a User Name and Password on the Court’s new website. The website can be found at: https://OCPortal.OCCourts.org

        The website will provide the ability for Attorneys to select a package entitled CDAP Access and add it to their shopping cart and complete a “purchase”. At that point, the Attorney must fill out the online CDAP Application Form and provide all required information, including Bar Number and a valid Case Number. These data will be matched to our system to validate the identity of the Attorney. If the Attorney’s identity cannot be automatically validated, he/she will receive a notification advising of next steps.

        The User’s subscription will be for a duration of one year. Our system will generate an email to each Attorney, as provided in the User Profile, asking him/her to renew access to CDAP. If no response is received within 30 days, CDAP access will be disabled.

        The link previously used to access CDAP will remain active for approximately two weeks. All existing and new users should register at the new portal as soon as possible. Thank you!

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