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        Temporary Judge Program

        Pursuant to Rule 2.818(b)(1)(a), an attorney may not serve as a court-appointed temporary judge: (1) If the attorney, in any type of case, is appearing on the same day in the same courthouse as an attorney or as a party; (2) If the attorney, in the same type of case, is presently a party to any action or proceeding in the court; or (3) If, in a family law or unlawful detainer case, one party is self-represented and the other party is represented by an attorney or is an attorney.

        Temporary Judge Policy

        Orange County temporary judge policy exception: Temporary judges and settlement officers in family law cases are exempt from rule 2.818(b)(3) of the California Rules of Court, and settlement officers who assist with settlement conferences, but who perform no judicial functions such as placing the settlement on the record, are exempt from rule 2.818(b)(1) and (b)(2).

        Temporary Judge Training Information

        Civil Settlement Conference Training

        Family Law – Settlement Conference Training 1

        Family Law – Settlement Conference Training 2

        Family Law – Case Management & Status Conference Training

        Probate Settlement Conference Training

        Traffic Arraignments Training

        Collaborative Courts Training

        Online Training Link

        Required substantive training for Small Claims and Traffic Trials is available online from the California Center for Judicial Education and Research (CJER) at: http://wwww.courtinfo.ca.gov/cjer/protem.htm 

        Temporary Judge Program Coordinator Information

        For any additional information, concerns or questions, please contact Trinity Palabrica, Program Coordinator Specialist at (657) 622-7143 or at Temporaryjudgeprogram@occourts.org .

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