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        Job Titles and Salaries

        Step 1:

        To determine what the salary range is for a specific job title, first look up the Title Description from the link below, then find the Pay Grade:

        List of Job Titles/Salaries Classification Schematic

        Step 2:

        Once you have determined what the proper Pay Grade is, you can view the salary range from the listed salary schedules below:

        General and Supervisory Unit (CD) November 6, 2020
        Court Interpreters (CI) September 01, 2020
        Court Facilitators and Attorneys (CL) April 26, 2019
        Court Management (CMP) April 26, 2019
        Court Executive Assistants (CMP-X) December 22, 2017
        Court Clerk Series (CS) November 6, 2020
        Court Technology Management (CTM) January 3, 2020
        Court Reporter (RO1) November 6, 2020
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