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      1. Application Process at a Glance

        We employ over 1500 people in more than 70 different job classifications to perform a wide range of functions including: accounting, office and courtroom support, computer programming and system support, legal research, family mediation services and administrative management.

        1. Review Open Recruitments

          1. Review the Minimum Qualifications: The minimum qualifications of a position are described in the minimum education and/or experience section. Candidates must meet these qualifications to move forward in the selection process. Be sure to carefully review the minimum qualification section prior to completing an application.
          2. Review the Supplemental Questionnaire: Be sure to read the supplemental questions prior to completing the application as they also give an indication of the type of education and/or experience desired. Be sure to fully answer the supplemental questions during the application process.
        2. Submit an Application

          1. Online Application: The Superior Court of California, County of Orange only accepts online applications. You can start by creating an account online at www.governmentjobs.com.
            If you are creating an application for the first time, you will have the option at the beginning of the application process to import a LinkedIn profile or upload a stored resume to pre-fill the application form.
          2. Ensure your Information is Current and Accurate: Your application should include your current position and your duties, location, pay, etc. Verify that your contact information (address, phone number and email address) is current.
            If you currently work for the Court, it is expected that you provide all this information at the time of application for each position. Do not assume that those reviewing your application know your work history. Remember that you may update your personal information at any time by logging on to your profile at www.governmentjobs.com.
        3. Application Minimum Qualification Review

          Applications will be reviewed to identify candidates who meet the minimum qualifications of the position. Only those who meet the minimum qualifications will proceed to the next step in the recruitment process.
        4. Assessment of Candidates.

          Candidates' supplemental question responses may be evaluated and ranked. Depending on the number of applications, assessments and/or screening interviews may be conducted.
        5. Eligible List

          Candidates who are successful in the Assessment phase may be placed on the eligible list and may be considered for future employment. Placement on the eligible list is not guarantee of employment. Candidates will remain on the eligible list until a new list has been established.
        6. Referred Application from Eligible List

          Candidates may be referred for a vacancy depending on the need of the hiring department. When a recruitment is open, the resulting list of eligible candidates will most likely be used to fill any vacancies that occur during the time the list is active (generally for six months to one year). If you are not interested in the specific vacancy listed on the job bulletin, but you think that you may be interested in this classification in the future, please submit an application. When in doubt, apply!

        How to Submit an Interest Card

        Are you interested in a position that is not open at this time? Complete an interest card and our application will notify you once the position is opened. To complete a card follow these simple steps:

        1. Go to the Court’s employment page at www.governmentjobs.com/careers/occourts
        2. Click “Menu” at the top left of the screen and select “Job Descriptions”
        3. Read through the job description titles
        4. Click on a title to read the job description
        5. If it sounds like something of interest, click on the “Subscribe” link on the right side of the page
        6. Fill out the requested information
        7. Click on the “Submit” button
        8. Once a recruitment begins, you will be emailed of the posting

        Contact Information

        The Orange County Superior Court Human Resources Office is located at 700 Civic Center Drive West in the Central Justice Center in downtown Santa Ana. Our office is open to the public Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

        Mailing Address:

        Superior Court of California, County of Orange
        Human Resources Department
        P.O. Box 1994
        Santa Ana, CA 92702-1994

        General Employment Information

        1. Change of Information: Applicants are responsible for updating their contact information. Updates may be done online through the www.governmentjobs.com website.
        2. E-verify: Superior Court of California, County of Orange participates in the E-Verify Program

          For additional information or to self-check your work eligibility, please visit: myE-Verify.
        3. Special Testing Accommodation: Applicants wishing to request special testing accommodations should email Human Resources Staffing at HRStaffing@occourts.org
        4. Personal Qualifications: All applicants must possess the personal qualifications generally recognized as essential to become an outstanding public employee, including integrity, initiative, dependability, courtesy, good judgment and the ability to work with others.
        5. Conflict of Interest: Employees are prohibited from engaging in outside employment and/or volunteer activities which conflict with the interest of the Superior Court.
        6. Employee Documentation: In accordance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, all persons hired are required to present to the Court, at the time of appointment, original documents which show satisfactory proof of:
          1. identity and
          2. U.S. Citizenship or a legal right to work permanently in the United States.
        7. Oath of Allegiance: All employees are required to take an oath of allegiance.
        8. Medical Requirements: Some job classifications require applicants to pass a pre-employment medical examination. All positions require employees to be able to perform the essential functions of the job with or without accommodations.
        9. Background Check: All employees are fingerprinted and must pass a background check. Information obtained will be evaluated for compatibility with court employment. Any false statement or omission of material fact may cause forfeiture to employment rights. Information presented on employment application, resumes, and during the examination process is subject to verification.
        10. Travel: Some positions require travel throughout the county. Employees selected for such positions may be required to provide their own transportation.
        11. Equal Opportunity Employer: In accordance with state and federal requirements, the court supports a policy of non-discrimination and equal employment opportunity (EEO). Superior Court will not discriminate in any policy, practice or procedure on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, sexual orientation, or other basis protected by law. Please email HRStaffing@occourts.org for a copy of the Superior Court of California, County of Orange's EEOP report.
        12. Probationary Period: Most positions serve a 52 week (2080 hours) probationary period.

        Workplace Postings

        Please click here to open workplace postings board

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