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        Employee Benefits Information

        Standard Benefits include:

        • Choice of health insurance among two HMO and two PPO plans
        • Participation in the Orange County Employees Retirement System (eligible new employees hired on or after 5/7/2010 can choose from two retirement plan options: 1.62% at 65 or 2.7% at 55) Reciprocal benefits may apply with CalPERS or various other public retirement systems
        • 457 Deferred Compensation Program
        • Direct Deposit
        • Tuition Reimbursement
        • Dependent Care Reimbursement Account (DCRA)
        • 72 hours of Sick Leave
        • 80 hours of Vacation Time
        • 1-3 years of Full-time service hours = 2 weeks
        • 4-9 years of Full-time service hours = 3 weeks
        • 10 years or more of Full-time service hours = 4 weeks
        • 13 annual paid court holidays

        County of Orange Benefits Page: www.oc.ca.gov/hr/employeebenefits


        Supplemental Benefits for general (represented) employees are administered by Orange County Employee Association (OCEA):

        • Dental Coverage
        • Vision Coverage
        • Basic Life Insurance Coverage
        • Disability Salary Continuance

        Visit OCEA: www.oceamember.org/homepage.htm


        In addition to the Standard Benefits, Management benefits (unrepresented classifications) also include:

        • Annual Optional Benefit Plan
        • Basic Life Insurance Coverage
        • Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D), Basic Coverage
        • Dental Coverage (provided by County of Orange)
        • Disability Salary Continuance (provided by County of Orange)
        • Additional hours of vacation time
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