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        My Court Portal-Traffic and Criminal

        For the best experience, we recommend using a Google Chrome Internet Browser for the links below.

        The My Court Portal service allows court users to process the following transactions online based on the eligibility of your
        case / citation:

        • Requesting an extension (Traffic Only)
        • Establishing a Payment Plan (Traffic Only)
        • Making your next payment on your current Payment Plan (Traffic and Criminal)
        • Paying your case in full (Traffic and Criminal)
        • Submitting Correspondence Electronically (Traffic Only)
        • Reserving a Court Date for your ticket (Traffic Only)
        • Setting up automated reminders for your Pending Matters and Upcoming Hearings (Registered Users Only, for Traffic and Criminal)

        The portal provides 2 options to process your case / citation, as a Guest User or as a Registered User which provides more case information and allows for the option of signing up for automated email or text message reminders. To continue, click on the My Court Portal link.

        To view Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding My Court Portal, please click here.

        For general information regarding traffic cases, click here to access the Traffic Division page.
        For general information regarding your criminal case, click here to access the Criminal Division page.